Sorpresa is a pretty shaded black horse coat. This young lady had a very rough start to life. She survived the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico
several years ago, airlifted out with other dogs. She ended up in a shelter where she spent the next year and a half before arriving at
Operation Scarlet. Considering she’s only about 2 years old, Sorpresa has never had a chance to know what it’s like to live in a loving home.
She’s a blank slate, willing to learn and very intelligent. She looks at you with those soulful eyes that are grateful for love and attention.
Sorpresa needs a special home, one that will give her the patience and guidance she needs to bring out her inner dog. It needs to be a home
without any other pets or children. If you’d like to meet Sorpresa, please fill out an application. Hours are by appointment only.