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Rainbow Bridge
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This page is dedicated to Scarlet & all her angels An eternal flame is glowing in loving memory of the following rescue Chinese Shar-Pei. May they find peace and happiness while they await the arrival of their loved ones at the Rainbow Bridge.

Pierce Hepler

March 14, 2018

From the moment Piercy chose his mommy at Operation Scarlet, he demonstrated a tremendously entertaining combination of unquestionable intelligence, creativity, playfulness, and regular engagement—if not supervision—of household activities from his pillow and beds spread throughout the house. Always a foodie, he certainly supervised meals and knew exactly when he was due his hard bones and his chewies, not to mention his regular walks where neighbors knew him enough for the little girls to call out to him. A comical master of his made up games, Mr. P always had to win and his stubbornness served him well until, one morning legs askew, he made it clear it was time for him to leave us. We know his spirit remains here in this household until we, too, cross over.

Joey Oppenheimer

November, 2017

Joey was a cherished, loving and loyal companion.

Enzo Axberg

February 2, 2017

Bozo Bonsall/Staller

January 28, 2017

Haley Shaw

August 22, 2016

To our Haley girl,
You were one of a kind. A gentle soul with a HUGE heart.
You filled our lives with joy and laughter. We miss you terribly and know
you are having a great time on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge
with your pals, Miss Sharpie and Toker. Until we meet again sweet girl.
We love you and miss you terribly,      – Mommy and Dad


August 9, 2016

Joker Graham

July 22, 2016

My gentle giant with soft brown eyes that expressed so much love and caring. So sweet and playful, such a kind soul.
You loved your tennis ball and chasing rabbits. You will be missed every day.
“Some FRIENDS come into our lives and quickly go.
Some stay for a while and leave Paw Prints on our Hearts
and we are NEVER EVER The Same.”

Nettie Seeger

June 24, 2016

We made the most out of the short time we had together.
Watching you enjoy your second chance at life gave us joy.
Even though you had a complicated past, you brought so much love to our family.
We will miss your hugs.  Thank you and give ours boys Oscar and Dante a special hug from us.
-The Seeger Family

Patrick Berry

April 9, 2016

You came into our lives and changed everything! You were beautiful, sweet and goofy.
Our connection was immediate. Every day with you was a blessing! We will treasure those days.
You were taken from us way too soon and our hearts are broken, but we will hold on to every memory and someday we’ll see you again.
We love you and know that your wonderful spirit is still with us. You will always be our “Perfect Patrick.”  -Ken and Mary Ellen

Ebony Piskula

February 22, 2016

Your paws of love walked into our hearts leaving deep and long lasting impression there.
Those paws of love will be missed but not forgotten in our hearts.
Once again thank you Dawn and Scarlet for bringing her into our lives. – The Piskula Family
( Watch out Boscoe here comes mom. )

Sassy Oldfield

February 16, 2016

That was her spot on the sofa and no one else was allowed to sit there. I miss that face so much.
We did have a lot of wonderful years together. – Allison Oldfield

Sharpie Shaw

February, 2016

T-Bear Gibson

October 23, 2015

T-Bear was a gentle friend to me. Once I got his ear conditions fixed, he became a younger, playful Pei.
On days I couldn’t take him to work with me, I did everything I could to get home to see him waiting for me at the door.
He will be greatly missed by me, but forever in my heart. –Buddy Gibson

Choppie Rotandi

October 19, 2015

Betty Boop Berry

October 19, 2015

Betty, you had such a hard life before coming to us and soon we learned what a “tough” little girl you were and how you survived.
You were totally blind and could still find the food bowl, and the back door when we let you out and your bed when you came back in.
We loved you and know you loved us back with your tail always wagging; it was heart-breaking when you told us you had to go.
Miss you Boop!             -Ken and Mary Ellen

Tyson Marsteller

October 3, 2015

Ty, you have been the best friend ever. We are so lucky that you joined our family twelve years ago, and those years passed so quickly.
There is never enough time to spend with a dog who always loved being with the family and behaved like a gentleman.
Everyone who met you loved you and was impressed by how gentle and loving you were.
I hope that you can finally rest in peace. We will always love and miss you! – Marsteller Family

Chloe Chandler

July 13, 2015

Chloe loved people and was sweet and friendly to everyone. We will never forget when we first met her, she stole our hearts.
Chloe could not have been a better companion or friend.   We will forever miss our baby girl.

Beamer Hoffert

July 6, 2015

I loved my sweet handsome boy so much and will always cherish his memory.
-Nora Hoffert

Gracie Maiolo

July 2, 2015

Gracie girl, I will miss the yard strewn with all the stuffed toys, watching you spend your days resting peacefully in the yard and your occasional mischievous antics. Tanner and Rena will also miss your companionship. You were a very special girl and our time together has left me with many fond memories. Love and miss you! Jona Maiolo

Max Hughes

June 26, 2015

A regal, warm, and gentle friend for 13 wonderful years. We miss you Max.
-The Hughes

Divot Moyer

June 8, 2015

RIP Neptune aka Divot, Big D and Gray Beard Hope you are getting to play frisbee in heaven and you have lots of stuffed animals!


May 6, 2015

You took a piece of my heart with you
But understood the need to let you go

Shrimp Goldfarb

April 13, 2015

Mr. Ming Shinn

April 9, 2015

Allee McGinness

February 27, 2015

Oh, Baby Girl….you will be missed.
We had lots of good times and got through some tough times together.
Thank you, Allee-Bubba! Your joyful spirit will remain in my heart forever.

Tai Davis

February 16, 2015

Caesar Marsteller

January 29, 2015

Caesar, you were the King of Hearts and the king of our hearts. You always tried to please, and you were eager for love.
You had a gentle spirit despite the hard life that you endured. You were sweet and loving.
Our time together was so short but we know that you tried to continue for us.
Hopefully, you are able to run and play again. We miss you dearly! The Marstellers

Alize Clayboss

December 18, 2014

Tribute To A Best Friend

Sunlight streams through window pane
unto a spot on the floor….
then I remember,
it’s where you used to lie,
but now you are no more.
Our feet walk down a hall of carpet,
and muted echoes sound….
then I remember,
It’s where your paws would joyously abound.
A voice is heard along the road,
and up beyond the hill,
then I remember it can’t be yours….
your golden voice is still.
But I’ll take that vacant spot of floor
and empty muted hall
and lay them with the absent voice
and unused dish along the wall.
I’ll wrap these treasured memorials
in a blanket of my love
and keep them for my best friend
until we meet above.

Author Unknown

Dante Seeger

September 15, 2014

You meant the world to us and brought us joy and mischievous moments but I wouldn’t have traded you for anything in this world. You had a wild side to you a first but became a big softy after all the hugs you received. You always let us know who or what was outside by your different barks and sounds. We could tell if it was a bunny (your favorite), a deer, a person or your buddy Timmy walking around. You were always there in the morning and at night watching over us. We will miss how you greeted us every time we walked through the door. You are our buddy and protector and will always forever be in our hearts. Give our pal Oscar a doggie hug from us. Luv u Te!


August 6, 2014

Bark-Lee Roth

July 29, 2014

Bark-Lee, you were my best friend and constant companion for the last 12 years. Words cannot explain how much I love you and what you mean to me. You came into my life like a whirlwind, taking over the house as if it were built for you and just awaiting your arrival!! Not much changed after that. My life revolved around you and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Your cute little ways made me smile even in the worst of times and you were with me through many of them. I will miss you until I take my last breath on this earth. My heart is broken. Goodbye little man. -Sophia


February 14, 1999
July 28, 2014
Forever in our Hearts….. Alan & Ted

Brutus Spaide

July 22, 2014

Abby Wake

April 14, 2014

Ozzy Loser

April 10, 2014

Daisy May Vinson

April 5, 2014

Daisy May lived a long life (15 years) and brought me many years of joy and happiness.
I will never find another soul like her. My house is no longer a home without Daisy May.
I miss her and I pray her spirit is always with me. – Sandy Vinson Rader

Boscoe Piskula

March 27, 2014

Bringing some coolness across the bridge to share with others. Your uniqueness and coolness will always be in our hearts.
Thank you Dawn and Scarlet for bringing him into our lives. -The Piskula Family

Starr Ford

February 21, 2014

Starr was our little clown–always making us smile. She looked like SHE was smiling all the time.
She was one of our Original Three, and remained loyal to the end. We will miss you, Starr Doodles! Run free!
Diane and Robb Ford

Butternut Bridges

January 23, 2014

Java Brodhecker

December 20, 2013

Snuggles Spitz

December 3, 2013

Snuggles was a sweet, affectionate and happy girl who brought so much fun and entertainment to my home.
Thank you Operation Scarlet for rescuing her! – Sue Spitz

Qi Lin Davis

October 23, 2013

Words cannot express the depth of the hurt with the loss of our sweet
and loving Qi. We cherish the memories of our time together.
Thank you for all you did to bring this very special guy into our lives.
Gerre and Bill

Hershey Tartala

October 21, 2013

God sent an angel to earth & though he had his share of bad luck, Operation Scarlet saved him for us to love.
Now he’s gone to Rainbow Bridge, but he will always be in our hearts with loving thoughts & memories.
Thank you Dawn & Scarlet
Bob & Nancy Tartala

Snowflower Hertzog

October 5, 2013

Ralphie McGinness

October 1, 2013

Ralphie was a loyal companion and enjoyed his time as part of our family.
Thank you for leaving us with some happy memories. We’ll miss you, Ralphie.

Mollie Golden

August 31, 2013

Mollie was a very grand Shar-Pei who gave us so much love and happiness.
She will be very sadly missed by all of us and those who knew her.
Phyllis and Mike Golden

Gus Moyer

August 31, 2013

I called Gus the perfect dog! All he needed was his food and our big bed.
That guy never barked or growled. I will miss petting his velvet head.
Thanks for letting him be a part of my life.

Emma Worrell

August 24, 2013

Thank you for allowing Emma to adopt me in June 2003.
She was a precious blessing in my life and to those that met her.
Ron Worrell

Dillinger Arment

August 9, 2013

Sienna Ford

July 26, 2013

Sienna was an angel to us. She came into our life and fit in as if she’d always been there.
It was an incredibly sad day when she so suddenly left this world. She will always be with us.
Diane and Robb Ford

Mollie Drumheller

July 24, 2013

To our little steel magnolia… we are beyond blessed to have had you as part of our family.
For years, you watched over my sons as they played outside and you wouldn’t budge from the window until they came in.
Now, in your time of need, those big grown boys were honored to watch over you and carry you when you were tired.
Sweet, sweet girl, we’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know.
Thank you so very much, The Drumhellers…… Ed, Sheri, Ethan and Jordan

Tang Washko

July 23, 2013

On July 23rd, our precious boy, Tang, went to the Rainbow Bridge to be with our Licorice who died a year ago.
Tang is now with his best friend and brother, but he has left us with broken hearts that will take a long time to heal.
He was an incredible dog and truly loved all people. He was our gentle big boy and we will love him forever.
Joe, Lisa and Ana Washko

Ming Carpenter

July 15, 2013

Ming lived a very good life and will be greatly missed.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to allow Ming into our lives.
Mike, Donna, Jesse & Megan Carpenter

Mei Mei Goldfarb

July 12, 2013

What can I say about a girl who loved everyone, and all who met her loved her back.
Even when she wasn’t feeling well, Mei’s tail never stopped wagging.
I feel so blessed to have had her in my life for the time we did, and sadly at 6 years old,
God had a new job for her over the Rainbow Bridge and she had to leave us.
Thank you, precious girl for sharing your life with us. You will be in my thoughts and in my heart forever.
Rest in peace, my sweet Mei Mei – till we meet again over the Rainbow Bridge. I love you.

Sasha Crowle

July 6, 2013

“Goodbye, sweet Beanie Girl, you were a fine office assistant, and a great TV buddy.
Even though you took the long way home to us, you loved us, your forever home,
and your brothers… and we loved you.”

Ashley Hewes

June 9, 2013

Dogs leave footprints on our hearts. Ashley, your footprints have entirely covered my heart.
I miss you every day. Love you precious girl.

Foxy Samuels

June 2, 2013

We are so proud that Foxy chose our family for her forever home. She captured our hearts from the very first day we met her
on April 28, 2002 and she brought our family happiness until the day she left us. She may be gone, but the paw prints she
left on our hearts will never be forgotten. She is truly our forever friend. Much love, Mara, John and Jay Samuels.


May 21, 2013

Toby Crowle

May 15, 2013

“Though we did not have you long, you left your pawprints on our hearts. You were a strong, smart, mostly happy, and very beautiful boy.
You tried very hard to quiet the demons in your mind, and we were so proud of the times you succeeded.
But they were stronger, and though we wanted to help you defeat them here, you are now where they cannot hurt you again.
Show Buddha and Zeus the really great dog you would have been, I know it is there, sweet boy.”

Bria Raniolo

May 5, 2013

Bria was sassy, funny, feisty, and most of all, very loving with Joe and I.
She added so much to our family and definitely left a gigantic hole in our hearts when she left us.
It was our pleasure to have been chosen by her to be her family. We miss you, Sweet Girl.
There will never be another like you. You were special. We love you.
-Joe and Barb Raniolo

Zeus Crowle

May 4, 2013

“Gentle guardian, stoic spirit, unconditionally loving soul. You protected your boy while he fought his battle,
and never let us know about the war you were waging inside. Your quiet strength and gentle nature made you a joy,
and left us heartbroken to lose you. Now you can run your “happy laps” without running out of breath,
and can nuzzle the angels when they need a boost for their spirits. You are with your boy now, together through all time.”

Buddha Crowle

May 2, 2013

“Happiness can be defined as the furious wagging of your tail, Metronome Butt. The happier you were, the harder your tail, and tail end, wagged.
Even through the long, and unusually successful, battle with your cancer, your proud little flag was waving.
You were always ready for whatever adventure waited, and joyously celebrated with your food bowl.
Be sure to show everyone your “I’m so happy I can’t stand it” dance. Zeus is with you now, the way it should be.”

Ted Fries

April 10, 2013

Rosie Neumann

March 7, 2013


March 6, 2013

Blessings to you, Donovan. May you find both peace and happiness at the Bridge.

Tigger Restaino

February 6, 2013

To our beautiful Tigger who always loved to be by our side. You were this timid loving dog.
Unfortunately, you left us much too soon at the age of 7. I hope you are sitting in the sun on a patio
where you always loved to be. God bless you my boy. We will miss you very much. – Joanne Restaino

Chyna Davis

February 4, 2013

To my beautiful little Chyna…..my best friend, my confidant, my shadow.
For ten years you repaid me for rescuing you from a rough beginning.
I miss you terribly. -Melinda

Sasha Fogel / Mays

January 10, 2013

Our little girl – The companionship and love you shared with us was a precious gift.
What a beautiful place our beloved pets hold in our hearts.
But it would have been sadder to never have known and loved her at all.
Farewell my angel girl. – Love, Bob and Bruce

Ming Berry

December 31, 2012

You were a proud and strong old girl who came to us much too late. You still jumped up on the couch
at 15yrs.old and wow, you really loved your pizza. We’ll always love and remember you Ming.
-Ken & Mary Ellen

Rupert Lumadue

December 21, 2012

Norman Munch McGinness

December 20, 2012

Norman Munch was very special. We’ll miss his gentle, quiet presence very much.
Thank you, Norman, for a year full of sweet memories.
– Debbie and Pat

Mia Sherman

November 20, 2012

She was a gentle, kind old soul who will always be remembered for her pep and love of life.
I hope she’s resting in her favorite sunspots across the rainbow bridge. –Kaitlin Sherman

Emma Minninger

November 19, 2012

Cassie Showers

July 10, 2012

Jed Crowle

July 5, 2012

Jed crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, where he will partner with his big brother Finch,
and I hope it snows as often as he wants it to, so he can make “little Jeddie snow angels” to his heart’s content.
Jed was an incredible dog, and we are going to miss him terribly. – Sue Crowle

Sparky Behr

June, 2012

Sparky joined our family in 2005. He was the 900th Pei rescued by Operation Scarlet.
His name was very fitting…Sparky was a goofy bundle of energy, yet regal and dignified as well.
He touched our hearts and blessed our lives. We will miss you, buddy. -Carol and Ken Behr

Casper Breighner

April 26, 2012

Casper, we only had four short years with you and we miss you so much every day.
You made us laugh so much all the time, and you were one of the sweetest, most comical dogs ever.
We loved hearing you “talk”! Everyone who met you loved you so much! You were such a good boy!
Thanks so much for all of the walks and laughs!
We love and miss you forever, Buddy! -The Breighner Family

Dakota Kinney

April 10, 2012

Diamond Healy

March 31, 2012

Mitchell Fisher

March 1, 2012

R.J. Raniolo

February 2, 2012

R.J. was with us for over 7 years and enriched our lives more than words can say. He was loved by everyone and especially us.

He fought the good fight but finally couldn’t go on. He is now with his girlfriend, Sara Lee who passed on March 11, 2011.

We will always love and miss our R.J. – Joe and Barb Raniolo

Buckles Hayes-Morris

January 22, 2012

Buckles was my shadow…going to school and choir rehearsals with me every week.

He was known by every student on the Franklin College campus, and the school even had a “day of mourning” for Buckles.

What more could a dog ask for? He was SO loved! – Casey

Moses Hewes

January 13, 2012

Bugz Raniolo

December 19, 2011

Bugz was such a sweet boy who came a long way from the scared boy that was brought into the rescue.

We are so proud to have had the pleasure of having him love us. We will miss him. Rest in peace, Sweet Bugz.

– Joe and Barb Raniolo

Misha Samuels

December, 2011

Misha gave us love and joy for 7 wonderful years. While she left us too soon,
we were so blessed to have been able to share our lives with such a sweet little girl.
We will always miss her presence but the memories are forever.
– Mara, John, Jay and Foxy Samuels

Nigel Dietz

December, 2011

Vander Moyer

December, 2011

Jack Waldman

November, 2011

Jack was a one of a kind Pei . When we met him he was all skin and bones and yet when he entered the room at OS for our first meeting he immediately bonded with me in an attempt to land a home with a fellow “Brooklyn Boy”. We waited a couple of weeks and went back to get Jack. He was tough on strangers but he took quite a liking to men-especially those who were ready to play rough with him. He also loved infants and children-he was the protector. He was as strong as an ox and quite a challenging walker. He loved his stuffed toys and became very fond of Zoey when she joined the family years later.

For six years he was my best friend and I wanted to let him know that I will always love him… – Steve Waldman

Ice McGinness

November, 2011

Ice came to us in 1997 as a goofy young man, just a year-and-a-half old.
He was the constant in our lives for the last 14 years. He will always be with us in spirit.
– Debbie and Pat McGinness

Slugger McGinness

October, 2011

This “wrinkled wrestler” was the most awesome couch potato we’ve ever had.
He was one of the best. We miss you, little man.
-Debbie and Pat McGinness


October, 2011

Pearl Maiolo

September 29, 2011

Buddha McCormack

August, 2011


May 11, 2011

Operation Scarlet’s Mascot for 11 Years
She was loved enormously by many and will be greatly missed by all.

Ginger Arment

April 26, 2011

Our friendly greeter for years at O.S. luncheons.
Never to be forgotten.

Apollo Kelly

March 21, 2011

We loved him from the day we adopted him in June 2002 until he passed today.
Thank you for the opportunity to love him all these years . We are heartbroken. -Tom & Robin Kelly

Bon Bon Kerper

March 11, 2011

Phoebe Brodhecker

January, 2011

Martin Brodhecker

January, 2011

Rolo Kerper

January 9, 2011

Rain Hertzog

January 4, 2011

Your name was Rain, but you added sunshine to my life each and every day.
Thank you for the beautiful memories. – Mama Dawn

Evie Avery

December 28, 2010

She was a loving, sweet, protective girl. Thank you for bringing her into our lives. -Will Avery

Smoke Timmins

December 7, 2010

Lucky Hewes

December 2, 2010

Chloe Snyder

December 1, 2010

Lil Sawani

November 28, 2010

Lil Sawani, we love you so very much and you will live forever in our memories until the time we will see you again.
We will always remember the lessons you taught us: to love one another, to be brave and strong in the face of adversity, and to be happy and playful everyday.
– Your Mummy and Stevies

Andre Minninger

November 23, 2010

Otto Berry

October 18, 2010

We’ll always love and remember you Otts – Ken and Mary Ellen

Tia Lawrence

August 2010

She was the best little baby I ever had and I miss her so much – Vicki Lawrence

Zoey Waldman

August 2010

You were such a gift to our family and we will never forget you.
You will always have a place in our hearts. – Diane & Steve Waldman

Hannah Cappelli

June 8, 2010

Hannah was so lady like and social and most of all happy.
She was a grand lady!!! Simply the best!!!!
– Joe and Kathy Cappelli

Popeye Mailander

June 1, 2010

Merlot Fritschy

April 9, 2010

You had a rough start, but for 14 months you were loved and cared for-and you loved us in return.
Now there’s a hole in our hearts.
Rick and Cindy

Finch Crowle

March 26, 2010

Finch was a wonderful dog with a sweet disposition.
He loved almost everyone (people and dogs) and kept that spirit right to the end.
We will miss his steady presence and “happy tail.” – Sue

Jackie Smale

March 22, 2010

Jackie Smale (on right) with her Best Friend, Domino

Henry Erb

March 14, 2010

Henry had a long and full life. He loved deeply and was so deeply loved by many.
Our lives are richer for his having found and adopted us. – The Erb Family

Buster Smith

March 3, 2010

Jade Imboden

February 20, 2010

Su Ling Rowe

December 2009

Su Ling was a joy and a blessing to us.
We could always count on her for a tail wag and her uplifting spirit.
-The Rowe Family

Chyna Rodenkirchen

November 14, 2009

Xavier Macri

October 16, 2009

Mr. Woo Berry

October 13, 2009

Kinsey McSwain

October 2009

Charly Ross Hersh

October 2, 2009

Hank Wake

September 2009

Tika Leonard

September 6, 2009

Tika ALWAYS liked to carry a toy when she went outside. She would drop it shortly after going out the door.
When we lived in Harrisburg, we had a swing in the back yard. I would lift her up and set her on it beside me.
We would slowly swing and I would sing to her. That was a close moment for her and I.

Bella Hughes

August 8, 2009

Bella was a special Pei girl. She had a great personality.
She loved us as much as we loved her. We will really miss her a lot.
She was with us about 6 1/2 years.
Sweet dreams Bella!!

Shrek Gatchell

July 19, 2009

Oscar McCavera

May 11, 2009

My sweet boy Oscar. I will meet you at the Bridge.

Simba Marsteller

June 2009

Simba, You always brightened our day ever since you came into our home making us laugh,
cuddling, playing with Tyson. You were taken too soon and we will miss you!

The Marsteller Family

Timber Rader

June 11, 2009

Henry Wilson

April 30, 2009

Baron Hall

April 10, 2009

Dozer Gatchell

May 2, 2009

Buddy Antonacci

May 1, 2009

Abner Staller/Bonsall

March 30, 2009

Peggy Rose Woodward

March 20, 2009

China Boy D’Alessandro

March 4, 2009

” Thank you , China Boy, for making our lives so much more fulfilling. You will be missed.”

Muneca Lenz

March 4, 2009

Our girl was a beautiful spirit, a classy lady and was and is much loved and missed.

Dexter Reitzes

March 2009

Peggy Hayes

February 27, 2009

Peg was a very sweet girl who left us with some very special memories.
We will be forever grateful that we were lucky enough to have had her as part of our family and will miss her always!
Kim, Tim and Bo Hayes

Mojo Smeltz

February 16, 2009

Tessy Leonard

February 13, 2009

Yoko Apelman

February 6, 2009


February 4, 2009

May you find peace at the Rainbow Bridge

Teddy Sica

January 12, 2009

Momo Barnes

January 10, 2009


January 2009

Max Cappelli

December 17, 2008

Max was a Shar-Pei on a mission. He loved to work. His nickname was tool box.

Always ready to go. With a huge smile and a sense of loyalty to our family.

He was the essence of what the Shar-Pei breed is about

Proud. Brave. Loyal. A true companion. – The Cappelli Family

Snickers Schlauch

December 2008

Darcy Pettinato

November 10 , 2008

Darcy, you came into our lives and left paw prints on our hearts. You left this earth too soon but will remain in our hearts forever. Even though you were in our lives for a brief time you will never be forgotten.

Chan Moyer

October 2008

Jonah Witmer

August 5, 2008

Jonah was the perfect Shar-Pei . He was loving, sweet and extremely sensitive. I feel fortunate to have had him in my life.

Dillon Hertzog

July 2008

Dillon was a gentle soul who was loved by many and will be missed by many.

Abby Crowle

June 2008

“Abby was a most endearing, and very loving little lady. Mom, Dad, and her brothers miss her.”

Bernie Birkner

April 23, 2008

Our big teddy bear, we will miss you and forever hold you in our hearts.

Charlie Brown

February 2008

Charlie, You were a big, strong dog with a big, protective bark and an even bigger heart. You were truly the sweetest dog I have ever met. I will always remember your sweet eyes and the happy dance you would do when I came home. I will love you forever and miss you eternally.

Sophia and Mike

Bullet Borelli

January 2008

Bullet brought us happiness at a time in our lives when we were hurting.

All he wanted in return was a new stuffed toy and a pat on his wrinkled little head.

He is truly missed. – The Borelli Family

China Hertzog

November 2007

Annie Johnson

November 2, 2007

November 2, 2007, we lost you Annie. You were always our regal queen, but close enough for loving; however, often underneath a desk, table or something to feel secure. Those years we had with you will always be close to our hearts. Farewell Annie, until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge .

Jeanne and Brian

Maximillian, Lover Boy & Big Bucks.

Lizard Hertzog

October 2007

Tasha Breighner

May 4, 2007

When our family lost our first beloved shar-pei child in 1998, we came to Operation Scarlet just to look at the dogs. We just happened to see Tasha there and she reminded us of our first dog. Tasha just loved children and our family fell in love with her. Of course we took her home and she was instantly a part of our family. Tasha accepted our second OS dog, Magoo, hesitantly. After Magoo passed away, Tasha welcomed her role as the only dog in the house. She was a tremendous watch dog barking at anything or anyone who even stepped on to our street. Children always got a free pass in the door, but adults got the warning from her basically saying ‘you can come in, but you had better be nice to my family’. When our third son was born, she watched over him constantly. The two were inseparable. Tasha was a wonderful part of our family for almost nine years. She died peacefully at the age of 13 on May 4, 2007 and gave us so many wonderful memories. We will forever miss our faithful friend and look forward to meeting her at the Rainbow Bridge . Bob and Julie Breighner and family, Dallastown , PA

Boo Bear Fritschy

March 19, 2007

Boo Bear was a beloved companion who we had for only 3 years, but they were safe, loving, happy years.

Tony McGinness

December 2006

Abby Nardone

February 18, 2006

“Our Miss Abby – Everything good that exists in this world was in you!
May you have the peace and happiness you brought to us every second we were together!
We will never forget you and await our eternal life together!
We love you more than words

Sweet Pea Minninger

September 13, 2005

Thurston Gerberich

February 7, 2005

Thurston was a gentle soul. Everyone was scared of him because he looked furious,
yet he was the biggest baby you ever met. We miss you Thurston.
We know you are running free with Gilligan & Izzy! – Jean and Scott Gerberich

Abigail McCavera

April 10, 2004

Aja Berry

October 23, 2004


Akasha was rescued in 2001. She was a sweet, sweet girl with a very troubled past. So troubled that her days were tormented by
extreme anxiety. So many of us at O.S. tried to make her days happier and more comfortable, but our
efforts were not enough to help her forget. Dear sweet Akasha, may you now find peace and be free of pain and suffering.


Harrisburg, PA


Female, fawn horsecoat . She was a stray who came from New York City. She was fostered for a while in
Marysville PA, and her family there will miss her despite a small misunderstanding over medication once.

America Timmins

December 15. 2003

Annie Haller

April 7, 2004

Austin Hamaker

November 2003


Male, apricot dilute horsecoat. He was a private surrender from NYC.

Bandit Aukamp

December, 2004

Banjo Bumba

August 2003

Banjo was rescued from a vet clinic in Maryland in 1993. He lived a long and happy life with Russ and
Maureen Bumba in South Carolina. You were a gentle dog and will be missed, sweet boy.

Abbey Conrad

July 2003


Banshee – She was the seventh dog to be rescued by Operation Scarlet. She arrived at the rescue
May 1991. She was a much loved dog and lived with Pat and Ronald Bloss in Mt. Wolf, PA.

Bark Lee Reigel

December, 2004

Baxter (II) Easlick

June 15, 2005


Bear was a dear boy who O.S. rescued in 1991. He was a special needs dog and all at O.S. came to love him
very much. John and Maggie, you gave him a chance to live in a home filled with your love,
and we all thank you for that. Bear left all of us with very fond memories.

Becky Brodhecker

November 8, 2004

Becky Haller

October 18, 2005

Bella II Northup
Belle II

June 25,2004

Ben Snyder

May 7, 2004

Benny Gardner

February 14, 2003


Male, black and red saddle pattern brushcoat. He was rescued from Harrisburg area shelter
where he was surrendered because the family was moving and could not keep him.

Bill McGinness

March 29, 2005


March 30, 2005


Blossom was tiny but mighty and was rescued by O.S. in 1991. She and her brother, Rascal,
came to the rescue together. Lucky for them, they were adopted together and lived a very happy life in Mountville, PA.
Thank you Ben, Tammy, Rachel and Dan Kulp for giving them many wonderful years.

Bogie Swank


Bonnie Blue Vorhies

August, 2005

Bonnie Kaucz

February 9, 2004

Boo McCormack

March 31, 2004


Boomer was a sweet boy whose life ended tragically. All at Operation Scarlet loved his happy go lucky personality.
Boomer you were loved by many and will also be missed by many. Your new mom and dad,
Pam Green and Kirk Kondos loved you with all their heart and you will be missed terribly.


Boz – Male, sable horsecoat, nine years of age


Brandy – Female, fawn horsecoat. She was taken by the York (PA) SPCA, and she lived in Lititz PA.
Brandy will always be remembered by the Kaucz family who had only one short year with her, but she left with
them many cherished memories. Mary Anne and Jean, thank you for giving her that very special year.

Brandy Ling Washko

April 3, 2003


Harrisburg, PA

Bronson Firestone

May 21, 2003

Bruce Smeltz

November 8, 2003

Brutus Leo

August 25, 2003

On August 25th, 2003 Brutus passed on. After 9 good years of giving unconditional love to his adopted family
and being loved right back, chronic problems with his rear hips, arthritis, and just plain old age in general
finally took their toll. It was the day that no responsible pet owner ever wants to face, but we all knew it was time.
All we can say is that you are now pain free ­ and that you are missed.
Thanks for the good times bud, thanks for the memories.

The Leos


April 21, 2002

Buffy was the sixth dog that Operation Scarlet rescued in 1991. She was a sweet, sweet girl
and was just one year old when rescued. She enjoyed many happy years with Frank and Betty Hughes
and will be missed terribly by her family and all that new her at Operation Scarlet. Sleep well sweet girl.

Bull Brodhecker

March 13, 2006


Bully came to O.S. in 1992. He was a dear, sweet boy and was so very much loved by
Doris Kelso, in Williamsport, PA. She said so many times, “He is the love of my life”.


Lancaster, PA

Caesar Shughart

July 2002

Caleb Butcher

May 2003

Candy Girl Hamaker

September, 2005


June 2, 2005

Carmen Myers

February 13, 2004

Carter Goodman

Carter Goodman was a dear boy that O.S. rescued from Georgia. He was also the 1999 Valentine King of Hearts.
He was very much loved and will be missed by Karen Goodman and Jerry Dalton, Reading, PA


October 14, 2003

Celine Rowe

December 2003

Champ II

Champ II – Male, black brushcoat. Champ was rescued from a shelter in Philadelphia in 2000.
He was living in Harrisburg, PA. He will be missed Bill and Pat Fox and family.

Chee Chee

Chee Chee will be sadly missed by Fran and Jim Hamaker and family of Lancaster, PA.
She was a very dear dog and added much joy and happiness to their home.


June 30, 2003

China Brunone

April 6, 2005

China was adopted through Operation Scarlet in 1994.
She was (and always will be) a special lady. Her
favorite treats were fruits (bananas, clementines,
blueberries). She lived a long and happy life – and
passed on in the company of friends and family. We
miss her.

China Petrisko

December 2, 2004


Reading, PA


Chip was one of the ten dogs from a puppy mill in Georgia. He lived with his family in Akron, PA.

Chipper Ondayko Leber

February 1, 2005

Chloe V

Female, cream dilute brushcoat. She was a stray and came from the Lancaster (PA) Humane League.
She lived in Shippensburg PA.

Chop Sostarecz

April 22, 2005

Chubbs Lightcap

November 17, 2004

Clyde Hewes

March 4, 2003

Clyde was rescued from a shelter in PA in February 1993. He was a great dog – lively and full of fun.
Clyde lived with his family in Willow Street, PA and spent 10 wonderful years with Mary and Gary Hewes
and their two children, Tom and Sam. He was affectionately referred to by the family as Mr. Clyde
and certainly left them with many wonderful memories. Mr. Clyde, you were quite the man and
you will remain in our hearts forever. Mr. Clyde had the honor of appearing as
the Pei Mate of the Month for December 2002. Visit the Pei Mate page to read more about Clyde.

Cody Mannion

April 26, 2004

Connie Chung

Connie Chung – Female, fawn horsecoat. She was a little shy, but was good with other dogs.
She was from Pittsburgh.


June, 2005

Crystal 500
Crystal Chamberlain
Czar Gallard

July 8, 2004

Dakota Branstiter

April, 2004

Darby Davis

April 2002

DeeDee Arment

July 1, 2002

Donnelly Lacey

March 28, 2005


A sweet little guy who was known for chasing goats. He was one of the older kids that arrived in 1993.
He was dearly loved by Lloyd and Vicki Hackman, Denver, PA.

Emily Eichelberger

January 2001

In January 2001 Emily passed away. Emily lived in Lititz, PA with Melissa, Derek Eichelberger,
their kids and Rick, Fisher, Sr. Emily was much loved by our family and she brought such great
joy and happiness to our lives! She gave back as much love as she was given. Emily you will
always be in our hearts and our memories! We miss you “Emmy” and you will always be in our
hearts! Thank you for such wonderful memories baby girl!

Emma Harkenrider

July, 2002


Female, patterned sable horsecoat. Formerly Lady, she came in from Philadelphia as a private surrender.
She now lives in Middletown, PA.

Eve Shaughnessy

November, 2004

Fiona Richards-Muzzillo

June 19, 2004

Garth Eroh

August 2002

GiGi McCune

September 25, 2003

Gilligan Gerberich

Spring 1995

Ginseng Brodhecker

April 10, 2004

Gladys Kulp

February 22, 2003


January 2002

Goldie will be greatly missed by his owners, Brian Hoppes and Evelyn Noll.
They gave him a wonderful life and he new he was loved.

Gracie Bloss

January 20, 2005

Guinness Calabrese

August 2002

Hamlet McSwain

March 28, 2005

To Hamlet
Our Faithful Friend
Such a gentle soul with so much love and understanding.
We miss you and love you,
But you will always be in our hearts.
Sadly missed by
Richard and Gloria McSwain
Family and Friends

Happy Rowe

September 30,2002


Harley – Male, black brushcoat. He was a stray in NY City and comes to us from their shelter.
He was called Popeye there, and he lived in Southampton PA.

Harley Harkenrider

March 3, 2004

Hazel Richards-Muzzillo

October 27, 2004


Honey became a Shar-Pei angel in June 2001. She arrived at O.S. in 1994 and had been a good friend
and companion to Ginny Chambers, Lancaster, PA for quite a few years. We will all miss you, Honey.

Hudson Quinn-Morgan

November 30, 2004

Isabelle Petrisko

October 15, 2005


Male, red-fawn horsecoat. He was from Animal Care and Control in NYC, where he was known as Red.
Owner surrender – moving and could not take him. He lived in Milford Square, PA.


He was a stray from the New York area.

Jada Witmer

September, 2005

Jake Witmer

March 18, 2004


Female, fawn horsecoat. She was from the Brooklyn SPCA. She was a very sweet dog
who gave a lot of love and joy to Robert Fogel and Bruce Mays. She lived in Bernville, PA.

Jet McGinness

July 1, 2005

Jewels Hertzog

August 6, 2003

Kai Lee McCune
Katie Shew

March 2003


May 20, 2002

Kim-E was rescued in 2000 from a shelter in NYC. She had been placed in a home and was returned to the rescue in 2002.
Upon her return, she was diagnosed with cancer. She lived a very carefree and happy month with Louise Groff,
O.S. representative, in Lancaster, PA. Kim-E, you were such a sweet girl. Those who cared for you
could not help but fall in love with you. You will make a sweet angel. Farewell, dear girl.


She lived in Lancaster, PA


He lived in Lancaster, PA and was deeply loved by the Smoll family.

Kody II

Kody II was a dear, sweet and gentle dog that was rescued along with his four littermates at the age of five.
All five were very gentle dogs in need of lots of love. They all found their “forever homes” and their lives improved greatly.
Kody will be missed by Dara Newbould who gave him the love and good care he was so entitled to.

Koko Fisher

On February 5, 2005 Koko passed away.
Koko lived in Christiana, PA with Rick Fisher, Sr.
Koko was much loved by Rick Fisher, Sr, Melissa & Derek Eichelberger,
& Rick’s grandkids. Koko brought great joy and happieness
to the family by giving back as much love as she was given. Our hearts still
hurt because we lost you, but you are better now and as time goes by we will heal too.
We will never forget you Koko! We miss you “Bear” & you will always be in our hearts!
Thank you for such wonderful memories!

Kubla Witmer

February 16, 2004


September 9, 2002


A wonderful Shar-Pei who displayed to all at Operation Scarlet determination, courage and understanding.
He was a very special boy who was deeply loved and extremely well cared for by Richard and Sandy Klees.
He will be missed by all at Operation Scarlet.

Lexi Colgrove

April 1, 2004

Lexus Osborn

July 23, 2004


Lili was a sweet girl with a very troubled past. Oh, how we wish we could have been able to talk to you
to find out what emotional trauma you had experienced in your past. We at O.S. so much wanted to help
you and find a loving home for you. May you now rest in peace and dream sweet dreams little angel girl.

Lily Moore

July 2003


Female, fawn horsecoat. She was taken from a woman in York, PA because she
could no longer care for her due to health and marital problems. She was the littermate of Cody,
Dustin and Max. She lived in Quarryville, PA.


Ling – Harrisburg PA

Ling Ling Spitz

September 2003

Lorraine Chamberlain

October, 2003


Lotus – Female, cream horsecoat. Lotus was one of the first dogs rescued in 1991.
She came from a shelter in PA. She lived for a time in Arizona and is now back in Lancaster, PA.
Thank you so much Gwen and Kevin for giving her such good care and being able to enjoy all these years with her.


Lucky was a dear boy who, if not for O.S. coming to his rescue, was scheduled to be put down that very day.
Because of his good fortune, he was named “Lucky”. He was the fifth dog that O.S. rescued
which was in 1991. Lucky we will all miss you. Thank you Lisa and Mike for giving Lucky many happy years.


Lucy was one of the first Shar-Pei to be rescued by O.S. in 1991.
She lived a very happy life in Columbia, PA with several other Shar-Pei.
Thank you Elisa for giving her that second chance when she was in much need of love and good care.

Lucy Bloss

July, 2005


Macey came from a shelter in Maryland in 1998. She was a sweet dog with a very pleasant personality.
She was owned and dearly loved by Louise and Walter Groff, Lancaster, PA.
You will be missed by many, sweet girl.

Mae Ling

November 2002

Maggie Dunkle

November 8, 2005

Mai Lee McCune

July 18, 2002

Mama Bear

June 27, 2003


Male, chocolate horsecoat. He also came from New York City where he was found.
He was formerly known as Raisin, and has been adopted by a family in Wrightsville, PA.

Mason Huntsman

March 9, 2004

Max Shinn

November 2002

Max Wake

June 30, 2002

Max IV

Male, red brushcoat. He was taken from a woman in York, PA and was living in Hanover PA.
He was the littermate of Cody, Dustin and Lindsey.

Mei Ling Kyle

November 8, 2003


Meisha will be sadly missed by her family. She was one of three puppies along with her mother that was rescued
out of Ohio by Operation Scarlet in 1992. She was very much loved by her owners, C
arole and Dick Dunkle, East Petersburg, PA.

Merlin Brodhecker

June 6, 2005


Male, black brushcoat, 3 years old. He was good with other dogs, and came from New York City.

Ming Chee

Ming Chee, a darling little red bearcoat girl, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in April 2001.
he is the beautiful little girl adorning the October page of our 2001 calendar. She also was our Valentine Queen of
Hearts in 2000. She was a joy to Jennifer and Tim Neumann and was their sweet little girl who they dearly loved.
“Minger” you will be missed by many here at Operation Scarlet.


Mishka, you will be greatly missed by all at Operation Scarlet. Her adopters, Dara and Stephen Woolley gave her a wonderful life when she joined them in her “forever home”. She was one of the first dogs that was rescued by O.S. in 1991. She was a very special girl who brought lots of laughter to the team members at O.S. May she now find peace and happiness at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

Misty Ann

Misty Ann was a friend and companion to Karen Goodman and Jerry Dalton. She was a much loved little
girl and will be missed terribly. Misty Ann was the first Valentine Queen of Hearts to be crowned at
Operation Scarlet in 1998 and was and will always be a “Special Queen” in the hearts of Karen and Jerry.

Moca Brodhecker

September 28, 2004

Molly Nester

February 23, 2005


Mookie was transferred from a rescue in New Jersey to O.S. in 1992.
He was a shy, sweet dog who was very much loved by David and Sue Crowle, Auburn, PA.

Mr. Magoo

Mr Magoo – Lived with Bob & Julie Brieghner in Dallastown, PA from
September 1998 – July 1999 when he died at the approximate age of seven.
Mr. Magoo was a very sweet boy who was loved by all that met him. He lived
the last 10 months of his life spoiled and pampered with his Shar-Pei friend, Tasha,
who is also an Operation Scarlet rescue dog.


Muffin was a dear, sweet gentle girl. She was the second Shar-Pei rescued by O.S. in 1991.
She gave many of us at the rescue much joy and will always be fondly remembered. She lived in Mount Joy, PA and was
dearly loved by Kelly and John Jones and children. Thank you John and Kelly for giving Muffin your love.

Murphy III

January 2002
Murphy was a sweet little girl who was adored by Teri and Chris Kutz and their children.
She brought much joy to their family and they gave her lots of love.


Nanny was a dear sweet girl who came to the rescue in 1994 at the age of seven.
She was placed in a home and then was returned to the rescue at the age of 12.
How difficult we thought it would be to place a 12 year old dog. Then two wonderful people,
Janet and Chuck Howard from Duncannon, PA, heard about her plight and offered not
only their home but their love. Nanny crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on April 25, 2001 at the age of 14
and will be missed by her family and members of O.S. She will always be remembered as a very dear and gentle girl.
Thank you Janet and Chuck for providing Nanny with the love she so rightfully deserved.

Neeko Barsky



Norton – Norton was was rescued in 1996. He will be greatly missed by Julie, Danielle, Samantha and Ian.

Nutmeg Barrett

October 5, 2003

Oliver Witmer

April 6, 2004

Onyx III

Male, black brushcoat. He was a stray that came from a New York City shelter.
He loved kids and had a beautiful coat.


Male, chocolate horsecoat from the Reading (PA) SPCA.


Otis was one of the first dogs that O.S. rescued in 1991. He was an abuse case and had
been severely injured. He was a cute little guy and lived many happy years with
Paul and Cindy Montpetit in Ephrata, PA. Otis, you will always be remembered and loved.

Otis IV

Male, fawn horsecoat from the West Shore Shelter in Mechanicsburg PA.
He was surrendered by his owners who were moving. They had him since a pup and he got along with
people of all ages, and was great with kids and dogs. How sad that a wonderful dog like Otis
who gave his love, loyalty and companionship for seven years to that family was so casually cast aside.

Oatmeal Good

March 21, 2003

Oatmeal- She started her life with people who treated her very badly. We adopted her December 8th, 2000.
It was the best Christmas present that we could receive. We gave her all the love and attention that we had.
We had to teach her how to love and she did it the best way she could. The day she passed away, she knew
she was loved and we did the best that we could.

Oatmeal, you’re at peace now, and you are greatly missed by us all.

Peking Olivieri

August 22, 2001

Pepper Stevenson

May 16, 2005


Male, fawn horsecoat. He was a very friendly boy who was rescued from a shelter in Lancaster, PA.
He was formerly known as Pee Wee, and he lived in York PA.


May 25,2002

Ping arrived at the rescue on May 19,2002 and sadly needed to be put to rest on May 25, 2002.
Ping along with his Shar-Pei friend, Ling, were heartlessly abandoned at a shelter in New Jersey.
They were tied to the door of the shelter to be found by employees in the morning.
Ping did not look well when he arrived and was diagnosed with mast cell cancer. His condition
deteriorated rapidly and we at O.S. sadly bid him farewell.
Ping, you were such a sweet boy and never fussed or complained even though you were so sick.
May you now be free of pain, sweet boy.

Poe Pfahler

August, 2005

Pogi Bender

October, 2004


March 30, 2002

Precious arrived from a puppy mill in Georgia in 1995. She along with nine other
Shar-Pei were flown to the rescue from the puppy mill. Her name described her so well.
She was definitely a precious little girl who enjoyed a wonderful life
with Michele and Bob Laucks in Lancaster, PA. Sweet dreams, dear little Precious.


Female, cream horsecoat. Princess, formerly known as Holly, lost her life in a house fire.
Our deepest sympathy goes to her family who loved her so much. She was a wonderfully

sweet and loving dog and will be missed by many including the members of O.S.

Princess III

A very sweet little girl that will be terribly missed by Mike and Kay Zozula.

Pudge Zook

December 1, 2003

Pudge was a wonderful friend loved greatly by her family, Dawn, Larry and Benjamin Zook
who miss her immensely. Pudge lived with her family, the Zooks, in Manheim, PA for over 6 years.
She was 8.5 years old when she died.


Female, fawn horsecoat. She was found tied to the door of a vet clinic
by the Vet when he arrived in the morning.

Radar Hooper

July 2002


Rasputin lived in Mountville, PA and will be greatly missed by the Kulp family.

Reagan Rowe

August 2003

Rocky Murphy

December 5, 2003

Rock Purpura

April 9, 2004

Roxanne Coe

December, 2004

Remo Raniolo

June 11, 2002

Remo was rescued from a shelter in New Jersey in May 1999. He had been hit by a car and was recovering
from his injuries when O.S. rescued him. Everyone at the rescue came to love his sweet personality.
He was quite a ham and was very entertaining. When Joe and Barbara Raniolo from Brogue, PA
met Remo, it was love at first sight. From that day on his life changed and he found
out what true love and excellent care was all about. Remo you were loved by many and will be greatly missed
by your family and all at O.S. Thank you Joe and Barbara for giving Remo that second chance that he so
desperately needed. You will be missed, sweet boy.

Rex Tirado

July 7, 2004

Romeo Lawrence

May 11, 2002

Romeo was rescued in 1995 from a shelter in Philadelphia. From that time on he was living a life full of happiness,
love and excellent care. He gave many years of joy, loyalty and love to Vickie and Clyde Lawrence,
Washington Boro, PA. Romeo, you were a very special dog and will be greatly missed by your family.
Sweet dreams, dear boy.

Rose Leonard

June 12,2002

Rose was rescued from a shelter in NYC and arrived at O.S. in August 1998. She was a very sweet, gentle girl
and melted everyone’s heart. Rose’s hard luck story changed the day Connie and Frank Leonard
from Harrisburg, PA offered her their home and their love. From that day forward
she was a very happy girl for she knew she found her “forever” home. Frank and Connie,
thank you so much for giving Rose that special gift called “a second chance”. Cherish the
memories for that was her special gift to you. Farewell sweet Rose. You are now with the Shar-Pei angels.


March 5, 2003


Ruby – Pottstown, PA

Rupert Gongaware

June 23, 2005

Rusty Lynch

February 11, 2005

Sable Long

October 5, 2004

Sabrina Staller-Bonsall

August 28, 2004

Sadie II

Female, fawn horsecoat. She was from a shelter in Reading where she was known as Cinnamon.
She lived in Lititiz PA.

Sandi Brodhecker

November 15,2003


Male, fawn brushcoat, about 2 years old. He was a stray in Brooklyn, New York.
He is living in Boiling Springs, PA.

Sasha Lulu

January 2002

Sasha was an adorable little Shar-Pei who brought much happiness to Sean Noone and his family.
She had a wonderful life with him and his children and will always be lovingly remembered by them.

Sasha Stambaugh

July 25, 2003

Scooby Doo Pawling

November 2003


May 3, 2005

Seamus Woelfel

December 4, 2004


Male, black & tan pattern horsecoat. He came from a private
home where he was known as Champ.


Shanghai was a very sweet dog who had shared many special moments with Tim and Mary Grace.
They loved her very much and she will be greatly missed.


Female, cream brushcoat. She was found as a stray in PA, and she lived in Willow Street, PA.

Shayna Hawkins

September 17, 2004


Female, fawn horsecoat. She was a stray from New York City.
Formerly known as Cuddles, she lived in Willingboro, NJ.

Sheena Minninger

January 4, 2004

Sherlock Arment

March 4, 2005


Sho-Lai – Patrica & Chris, Oley, PA.


January 29, 2002

Simba had a handicap in that he was blind. Needless to say, he may have lacked eyesight,
but he had an overabundance of love and gave it freely to his family. He was deeply loved
by Wil and Janice Chamberlin and family. Simba you were a dear, sweet boy and will be missed by many.

Soo Wen Gesell

February 1, 2005

Sophie Snyder

January 2004

SpikeLee Richards-Muzzillo

March 10, 2005


Spiro was the first Shar-Pei that was rescued by O.S. He came through Scarlet’s doors in February 1991.
He was a very friendly boy with a sweet temperament. He will always be remembered by all at O.S.
and will always hold a special place in our hearts.


April 6, 2004

Storm Moyer

January 22, 2005

Suds Colgrove

September 10, 2004


Suede was born at the rescue and died at the age of seven. He lived with his family in Sinking Spring PA.


January 29, 2002

It is with much sadness that we needed to say goodbye to Sushi. He will be missed by
all at Operation Scarlet. May he find peace and contentment at the Rainbow Bridge. We all know that Scarlet
will be there to meet him and take him under her wing.

SweetPea Minninger

September, 2005

Tai Pei

Male, red-fawn brushcoat. He came to us as a private placement.

Tanner Kolodrubetz

December 22, 2005

Tao Tao Hanna

August, 2005


Female, red-fawn brushcoat. She came with Tessie from the Harrisburg Humane Society.
She lived in Harrisburg, PA.


Female, red brushcoat. She came from the Harrisburg Humane Society.

Thurston Gerberich

February 7, 2005

Tiffany Yinger

August 30, 2005

Tiffany (Tiff)… You were a sweet girl who was loved & will be missed by so many…
You will be in our hearts forever… We love you sweet girl… Love, Mom, Dad, Kelly, Dale & Frank

Tiny Brodhecker

June 9, 2005

Tobie Harden

June 5, 2004


April 15, 2004

Toby Strang

February 2004

Trevor Kummerer

June 2003

Tu Ling Smeltz

November 6, 2004


Tyson was rescued in 1997 from a shelter in New York City. Tyson lived in Lancaster, PA
with Dorain and Rita Horst who gave him the love he so deserved. You were such a sweet boy, Tyson,
and will remain in the hearts of your family forever.


U.B. was the fourth Shar-Pei to be rescued by O.S. in March 1991.
She was a very dear dog that was a devoted friend and companion to George Hertzog.
She touched many lives at O.S. and will be greatly missed.

Velvet Bell-Herzog

March, 2005

Velvet Passed away Saturday, March 26th in our arms.
She was a sassy little gal with a huge spirit. She had
an adventure filled 4 months in Ft. Washington, PA with her big new family.
We will miss her dearly.

Vesta Brodhecker

January 22, 2005

Wally Byrd

March 2003

WheeZee Baker

July, 2005

Winnie Leonard

February 16, 2006

Wrinkles D’Alessandro

November 7, 2004

Yuengling Laucks

January 10, 2005


Male, black brushcoat. He came from New Jersey and was surrendered to a shelter
because the owners moved and could not keep the dog. He is very well behaved.

Zoe Wise

October, 2004